International Women’s Day Quotes 2018 for Mother, Sister and Wife

To make the women’s feel special and to celebrate this great Day by sending the Women’s Day quotes for Sister, wife, mother and rest all women who are the important part of our life. These wonderful quotes can be sent as Whatsapp messages, facebook messages and spread the awareness about the women’s greatness.

Happy Women’s Day Quotes

Women’s day is celebrated worldwide on 8th March. This day is started to encourage the courage of women and give them respect. Originally this day is called International Working Women’s Day and this day was started after the death of 129 women in a factory.

Women's Day Quotes

Women’s Day beautiful Quotes

Women's Day portrait free download

Women’s Day Portrait free download

Women's Day Quote for free

Women’s Day Quote for free

It is said that they were requesting the voting rights, better pay, and shorter working hours. The owner of the factory has locked them up and broke down the fire that caused the death of 129 women.

Women’s Day Quotes for Mom

Mother you a wonderful gift from God. You are a blessing my life and I love you so much. We should appreciate the women’s  duty that she perform in daily life. Not only for her people and family but also her social, economic and political contribution to the society.

Women's Day Quotes for mother

Women’s Day Quotes for mother

Happy Women’s Day Quotes and wishes for mom

Happy Women’s Day Quotes and wishes for mom

 “A woman is life. Her heart is so tender and delightful it is like a drum sounding sweet melodies.”

Women’s Day Quotes for Sister

Sister, you deserve honor and praise for all that you have done for me. You are a friend, mother, and sister. You may have no idea how much you are loved. Happy Women’s Day.

Women's Day Quotes for sister

Women’s Day Quotes for sister

Women's Day Quotes for free

Women’s Day Quotes for free

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness”

Women’s Day Quotes for Wife

You are my greatest source of motivation and inspiration in my life. You have completely captured my heart and I cannot imagine my life without you. Given below Women’s Day quote are especially dedicated to you.

Women's Day Quotes for wife

Women’s Day Quotes for wife

Women's Day Quote for wife

Women’s Day Quote for wife

 “With the creation of the world. You were also added to increase its beauty. The world is mesmerized by the work you have done”

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